Fashion logisticts

Inter Rutges specializes in clothing distribution, a very specific branch within logistics. We know better than anyone else that accurate planning and careful handling of goods are crucial. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience, we can make this process run perfectly.
We have dozens of trucks and containers specially equipped for the distribution of hanging garments. In this way, we guarantee that we deliver your products in good condition, even if they require special handling.

All our distribution vehicles comply with the Euro 5 or Euro 6 emission standards. As a result, we contribute to a cleaner climate and can reach shopping centers without any problems. Thanks to our advanced planning system, stores know what time we arrive. Every week we can supply many hundreds of stores in this way.
Our job goes beyond transporting goods. At our headquarters in Montfoort, we have a spacious storage facility where we can manage your stock. And we go further, so we can also take on a large part of the handling of your products. For example, do you want to label your clothing? We will do that for you.

At Inter Rutges, we use different transport concepts. For example, customers can use our open network or we can use dedicated trucks for one customer. For our open network, we load through cross-docking. This ensures fast delivery without storage costs.
Although clothing distribution is our specialization, we can also transport other freight without any problems.

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