Our Services


Inter Rutges is able to create and provide you with a complete customized transportation concept.

Our work goes beyond transporting goods from A to B, we can also take on part of your operations. Customized transport, storage and handling of products, everything is possible. Because we have detailed management information, we can optimize logistics. Years of experience in the sector ensure that we work extremely efficiently and effectively and you can expect the highest quality transport and logistics from us. Inter Rutges takes a lot of work off your hands so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience in the transport and logistics sector, we can offer you a great deal of flexibility. A project-based approach gives us the opportunity to approach the customer in a highly specialized way. You don’t adapt to us, we adapt to you. We build our systems around yours.

Fashion Logistics

Inter Rutges specializes in clothing distribution, a very specific branch within logistics. We know better than anyone else that accurate planning and careful handling of products are crucial. Through our extensive knowledge and experience, we can make this process run perfectly.


In addition to our transportation services, at Inter Rutges we offer modern multifunctional business premises for rent. The premises have a combined surface area of 50,000 m2, of which over 40,000 m2 consists of warehouses with an ample amount of docks. Our premises are located in Montfoort, which is an ideal strategic place to store goods due to its central location in the country. The buildings are built with high-quality materials. The level of facilities fully meets current requirements.